WHAT IF (Exhibition)


Contest, with the participation of 1200 schools, in collaboration with the ministry of education.

You have a slight case of Daltonism whereby the degradation between grey and pink are lost to you, and that your new laptop – which you see as sliver-ish – is actually girly pink?

What, you have a small hearing disability whereby some syllables get confused for you and so a kind comment can be heard as an insult to your ears?

What if you have a leg very slightly shorter than the other and therefore you trip more often than not?

Now, let us take these small impairments to the fullest extent – what if you are blind, deaf and wheelchair-bound? When was the last time you had to guess which floor button to push in an elevator because it is not Braille marked? When was the last time you went to a play and it was subtitled on the back of the chair in front of you so that you could understand the dialogues instead of hearing them? When was the last time you found ramps for your wheelchair no matter where you were around town?

It is not always easy to have a disability, and having one does not make a person handicapped. A person is born or acquires a disability throughout his or her life, but it is the fact the society does not help him overcome this disability that they becomes handicapped.

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