Date: 2-4, 7-8 December

“The whole history of man since Enlightenment is one of control: of the world understood as an object out there, of vision requiring distance which promotes knowledge. My work tries to create a place of feeling, which is in contrast with objective rationalism” Anthony Gormley

The workshop is proposed as a collaboration between blind or sight impaired participants and scenographer Nathalie Harb with musician Abed Kobeissy, who will be its mediators, with the help of photographer Marco Pinarelli. Through the use of haptic and sonic approaches, the workshop aims to understand and interpret intimate space as it might be imagined when sight is not fully available or not available at all.

In a society where we are continuously presented with images and mis-representations of ourselves, and where the interference of visual (social) media and surveillance devices continually threatens the private sphere; the senses of touch and hearing though often displaced, work as anchors to the self and its intimate environment.

By working with persons who have developed these later senses in a way unobstructed by sight, we hope to device ways for defining and representing the intimate space, whether physical or felt; a pillar of the self.

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