Date: 3-5 December

Open Studio: 5 December

I met a group of students from Father Robert’s deaf-mute school a few years back.

I followed them while they were working on a play and I had the chance to see them rehearsing and I was inspired by the way they communicate with their bodies and gestures.

I want to work with Sally, a 16-year-old. She has the capacity to discern some sounds; she has a beautiful presence on stage.

I want to try to hear the world from her perspective.

The main idea is to start with a poem that she would communicate to us.

I will collaborate with Rima Maroun, a friend and a professional photographer, on this project.

We will be using photography and video to interpret/document our experience.

We’re researching techniques like the use of sensors that would allow us to register the sound of her body motion and hand gestures specifically.

The point of this project is to try and put ourselves in Sally’s shoes…

What if I was her? …what if anybody was her?

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