AUTISM (Concert)



Autism is a musical project where the music is trying to address the issue of how music can be in a state of isolation during teamwork, without spoiling isolation or corrupting teamwork.

A lot of contemporary psychological studies have shown that every human being has some form of autism to some degree, and that autism appears often in everyday human behavior, whether the person is or did not feel this, so that these discoveries changed the concept of how to cure what I think by that mental illness that affects some children, who is autistic.

Through an article written M. Alaa Abdel Fattah, a prisoner of conscience, from his prison, we explored the work through the notion that this is not a search of wisdom bur rather of justice, of freedom.

Therefore, this project is based not on the musically written text, but on how each musician interpreted the text musically, separately and as an ensemble.

Mustafa Said: Idea and Oud
Mohammad Antar: Nay
Ghassan Sahhab: Qanun and stage manager
Khalil AlBaba: Violin
Abed El-Reda kobeissi: Tanbour Baghdadi and Tanbour Istanbuli
Ali AlHout: Reqq (Percussion)
Joss Turnbull: Dumbak, Dhulah (Percussion)
Bilal Bitar: Santour
Farah Qaddour: Oud Soprano
Antoine Hawwat: Cello
Reda Bitar: Viola
Feras Andari: Bass Oud

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