The Last of us

Albedo Creative Platform

Albedo, a creative platform gathering artists, architects, scientists, and people blending new technologies; has been inspired from the difficult geopolitical and social conditions this region is undergoing (Syria, Iraq, etc.), where losing a body member, function, and ability is no longer a rare occurrence. A person may be born with or acquire at some point a disability, but they only become “handicapped” when society does not allow them to explore their life in its full potential. The inaugural series of events of Albedo Creative Platform will bring local and international artists with or without disability to work together, since art has always been a way to counter imposed obstacles, disabilities, and limits (as opposed to formally-imposed [Oulipo…] and self-imposed obstacles, disabilities, and limits [Naseer Shamma’s oud method for one hand …]).

Albedo will take place in three different venues, Villa Paradiso, Station Beirut and Jeita Grotto. Its schedule will kick off with a fundraising soiree at Villa Paradiso on the 28th of November, and embarks with exhibitions, workshops, screenings, perfomances, sound installations, audio book readings, and other artistic expressions stemming from the original creative rationale with all these events taking place between December 3rd and 8th. 

In addition, more than a hundred students participated in the “what if?” experiment whereby they embodied disabilities to test how the hindrances happen in real life.

The main focus is to be able to convey disability and its capacity to overcome its existence, not in a socio-classificatory sense, but more as an obstacle that could easily be overcome or simply a stepping stone in the path of art creation beyond the folkloric – craft-oriented – aspect often associated with art and disability.


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